Saturday, 24 March 2012

Exora After 3 years

My Exora was bought 3 years ago and until now it is still in good condition. I drive it every day and of course will drive it for balik kampung as well. To me this MPV is considered good because I bought it not for speeding that is why I don't even care if other people saying that this MPV is under-power. During balik kampung I usually drive this MPV from JB to Alor Setar with 6 occupants plus our big luggage. So far it is still a reliable MPV. I still can do overtaking while it is necessary and it can move at normal speed without having much problem. For your information, this MPV is the first batch of production. I have heard many complaints about air-conditioning system which is due to thermostat failure but so far air-condition still can function quite well. However there are few things that I have identified the only problems so far: radio system and airbag. Radio problem is now has already been rectified and now can function as normal. About airbag, I will bring it to a service outlet to fix the problem very soon. As of now I already replaced all the tires from a standard one to continental. It looks better in terms of road handling and stability. Last week I brought my Exora for checking the airbag system. Finally the mechanics found that it was a minor problem due to the pin that connecting it to the airbag system has been released. Now the problem has been solved.

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