Monday, 10 May 2010

My Driving Experience to Kuala Terengganu

Terengganu is a state located in the east coast of the peninsular of Malaysia.It has many places that can attract many tourists either from local or foreign countries. Here, I am going to share with you guys my fist driving experience to east coast.

First we hit the North South Expressway for about one and half hour before exit at Yong Peng Utara. You can take exit at Yong Peng Selatan but you have to pass through Yong Peng town with many traffic lights but to avoid such a hassle, I prefer to exit at Yong Peng Utara.Just after the toll booth, turn to the left to cruise towards Segamat. Then heading towards Muadzam Shah. We arrived at the PETRONAS fuel station in Muadzam Shah at about 12.30 PM. Ten minutes later we continue back our journey heading towards Gambang. Then hitting the LPT highway for about 43 km before exit at Jabor. To get to Kemaman we were passing through the Cherating Resort. Finally we arrived Kemaman at 2:40 PM. We have opted to spend our night at Shafura Hotel for 3 nights. Then on 13.2.2010 (Saturday) we planned to continue our journey to Kuala Terengganu. The road condition is by far better than Segamat-Kuantan road. Along the road to Kuala Terengganu, we found that there are not many vehicles but there are more vehicles on the opposite direction. We can enjoy the beautiful panorama along the road. We then arrived at floating mosque at around 12:50 PM. We were having our lunch there while waiting for my friend. At 1:40 PM, my friends came and took us to his father-in-law’s house.There, we were welcomed to attend the wedding feast nearby. We have the chance to try out with some kind of foods such as nasi minyak with beef and mutton meat mixed. We also could well see the silat martial presented in conjunction with the feast . There are quite little variation functions there than at my place in Perak or Johor.After attending the wedding ceremony, we decided to go to pasar Payang. At that time, the road was quite congested and it was very hard to park our car. Our intention was to climb up the Bukit Putri, but was already closed at that time.Then, we decided to go to the beach nearby only. After spending there for quite some time, we returned for praying and having dinner at my friend’s father-in-law’s house before returning back to Kemaman at around 9:30 PM . Driving at night is a little difficult for me, especially due to limited vision and glaring problem.After for hours of driving, we then arrived at the hotel at 12:05 AM .We went back to Skudai at 10:40 AM after breakfast and arrived at Skudai at 5:00 PM. Although very tiring, it was my first experience of driving to Kuala Terengganu.

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