Friday, 21 May 2010

To Kemaman By bus Using Mersing-Kuantan Road

25.2.2010 Thursday

From Skudai to Kemaman. The bus arrived at around 11.30 PM. This time the bus arrived 1 hour late than it normally supposed to be. After all the passengers were on board, the bus started to move but suddenly made a U turn not far from there. I thought that the bus were heading back to Larkin bus station may be to take the missed passenger but it wasn't. Actually the bus had to change its route from Segamat-Kuantan to Mersing-Kuantan. The passengers were looking at each other. It seemed that they were not quite familiar with road the bus had taken. The road condition is not as good as Segamat-Kuantan road due to so many sharp coners that made the passengers hard to sleep. But this road looks better in terms of its beautiful scenery.We arrived at Kota Tinggi-Teluk Ramunia junction at 1.50 PM. The bus had stopped for quite a while at a stall just after crossing the bridge. Some passengers went to the toilet but some went to buy foods and drinks. We continued the journey heading towards Pekan.We arrived there at around 3.50 AM. From Pekan to Kuantan, the journey became even better due to not many vehicles on the road.We finally arrived Kuantan at sharp 5.30 AM.After Kuantan, the bus was heading towards kemaman using Pelabuhan Kuantan Road.This time I have decided to stay at Masjid Sultan Ahmad in Chukai while waiting for subuh prayer.After that, I took a rest for quite a while. I felt quite hungry and tried to eat whatever I have.I didn't see any nasi lemak's stall at that time. Here,Friday is a public holiday.

In Kemaman itself there are many budget hotels available for you to choose. My favourite is hotel shafura and hotel marjan.

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