Friday, 14 May 2010

Weight Gain or Weight Loss?

A frequently asked question. Why is it difficult to reduce my weight?
Answer: May be you have taken more calories than is needed by your body.For instance, you need 2000 calories but through your bad eating habit you actually took 2500 calories.If you didn't use it, this excess of 500 calories might be turned into fat that would be stored underneath of your skin.What you should do is to eat less carbohydrate that has high GI.To burn down 500 calories through an exercise is not easy right? Reschedule your food's menu.The best food combination in terms of calorie intake is 40:30:30 (carbohydrate:protein:fat). Another reason why we gain weight instead of lose weight?
1.Eating during late night.
2.Low metabolism rate
3.Doing work that using less energy
4.Family history (genetic)

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